Here Apple Take More Of My Money

AppleOmar MoralesComment
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$1897.40 thats the amount Apple’s latest event will end costing me during the next 45 days.

So far this year I had given Apple around $4000 and here goes almost $2 grand more.

Here is the breakdown of how Apple managed to shake me again.

It introduced new Watch bands colors specially girly colors and my wife really wants 2 of them. Luckily she wants two Sport ones so they are only $49 a piece there goes the first $98.

Apple announced a new version of the TV and thats something I had been waiting for the last year. Of course I am getting one but in this case I will go for the cheapest of the two models the 64gb model is $199 and the 32gb is $149 thats the one I will be getting. So $149 + $98 so far $247.

New Saddle Leather Case I just really want one of those chi ching $45 more and we are at $292.

And the bank buster are those evil Rose Gold iPhone 6S. Add not one but two of those one for the wife and one for the daughter ohh and no 16gb option here it has to be at least 64gb so at $749 a piece we are now at $1790 add a 6% ($107.40) sales tax and we get the grand total of $1897.40

Ouch that will hurt but since most of the purchase are for the girls I won’t mind (much). Plus at least I managed to not get so interested on a new iPad Pro so at least thats was a win.