My Apple Watch Series 5 or 6 Wishlist #applewatch

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I love my Watch I love watches in general. I had worn watches daily since I was 8-9 years old. I had always preferred analog watches to digitals and worn them almost exclusively.

This is because I like to just stare at an interesting watch-face and see the movement of the dials.

My only analog trend ended in 2015 when I got my first Apple Watch the original Series 0. And a watch I still own and will keep no matter what.

I had since upgraded to a Series 3 last year and my current Series 4. In short, I had used an Apple Watch almost daily since 2015 and is hard for me not to use it. I am just addicted to all the data I gather daily and how convenient the notifications are. I haven’t taken my iPhone from silent since 2015 I don’t even know how it sounds anymore lol.

Bulova Moon Lunar Pilot

Bulova Moon Lunar Pilot

And in case anyone is curious how I managed to ditch analogs so easily, well the truth is I didn’t. I still wear analog watches regularly this week I am rocking my Bulova Lunar Pilot Special Edition and I love it. But I still wear my Apple Watch.

Wearing two watches at the same time?

Well yeah, that's what I do but I only wear both on each wrist when I have a long sleeve so that the Apple Watch will be concealed but when I am wearing shorts sleeves I will still wear the Apple Watch on an armband by TwelveSouth.

I know this may sound extreme for some but I just like the beauty and simplicity of analog watches and the data and health benefits of the Apple Watch.

What I want from my next Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has some interesting faces my favorite being the Simple, Infograph and Infograph Modular. But the issue I have is not been able to just stare at them and that brings me to my main wished item.

I want an always-on screen. I don’t want the need to tap the screen or raise my arm in order to appreciate the watch faces. And if an always-on screen isn’t possible on the next version what about a longer stay on time something longer than the current 60 seconds 5 minutes as the minimum will be acceptable to me.

That request bring us to wish item number two. I want more battery.The battery on the current Series 4 is acceptable lasting me almost 2 days on a charge but 5-7 days will be even sweeter. But I will be fine with the current 2 days as a compromise for an always-on face.

Talking about watch faces I will love to have more options preferably premium versions. I am not asking Apple to open watch faces designs and sales to anyone but at least offer a selection of curated premium faces available to purchase. This will allow for more individuality and personalization. In short I want more watch face.

And finally I want more health data to be gathered automatically. Let’s start with sleep tracking and maybe glucose levels tracking. In short, I want even more data.

So there it is my wish list is very straightforward.

  • Always on screen
  • Longer battery
  • Premium watch faces
  • More health data

And now let’s just wait until next year and see what we get.

If you have a 2016 or 2017 Apple MacBook Pro You Need This ASAP

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Forget the dongle what you need is a keyboard cover

For all the plus on the new MacBook Pro’s, there is one glaring con and that is the new keyboard.


I had owned virtually every MacBook Pro generation since 2008 and not once did I had an issue with the keyboard. But this new keyboard while it feels nice it has a big flaw.

Enter dust

This new keyboard is super-sensible to dust and we aren’t talking crumbs size dust we are talking micro-particles if one of them gets under the keyboard it will cause issues and this isn’t covered under warranty. A keyboard replacement will set you back upwards of $500 at Apple.

But there is an easy fix and will only cost you $10. A good keyboard cover that is so low profile you won't even know is there.

Save yourself $490 and get one of this keyboard covers ASAP.

Slow iPhone? Get A New Battery Replacement for just $29 and See It Come To Life Again

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The controversy

Apple has been accused of slowing people old iPhones in order to sell them new ones. And that accusation is ridiculous. The reality is that Apple does slow old iPhones at times (peak performance) in order to EXTEND its life not to reduce it.

See Apple official statement: A Message to Our Customers about iPhone Batteries and Performance

All batteries degrade over time and can cause the device to shut off randomly, not be able to hold a charge or not power at all. In order to reduce this problem, Apple implemented a software feature that reduces the stresses on the battery at times.

People looking to sensationalize anything Apple related had been spreading the false narrative that Apple does this to sell more phones when the fact is that iPhones remain usable over 2 times longer than comparable high-end smartphones running Android. And this is thanks to Apple looking to maximize the battery life.

The One Apple Failing

If Apple is guilty of something is in not making this clear at first. A lot of people didn’t know they could just replace the battery on their old iPhones and bring them up to speed. This is been addressed on an incoming software update that will give the user more information on the state of their batteries.

A great solution: Battery replacement for just $29

If you notice your iPhone been slower, shutting off randomly even when the battery says it has charge left that means your battery is bad and putting a fresh one in will drastically increase your iPhone performance and extend its life.

How to get a new battery?

Apple usually charges $79 for a battery replacement but only if the phone battery health is below 80 %. That's changing at least until December 2018. Starting now if you have an iPhone 6 or later you can have your battery replaced for just $29 and the only condition is that the phone has no damage. The 80% health requirement has also been removed so over 500 million iPhones are eligible to have a new battery installed for just $29.

Elegible devices:

  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone X

You have until December 2018 to get a fresh battery at $29. If you have an iPhone 8 or X I will wait until December to get a new one as your device one is already new but for anyone with a 7 or below I get one immediately.

So in short

Apple was making something good that was poorly communicated and uneducated or malicious people used to slander Apple but Apple responded by clarifying the “issue” and even giving it’s customers a $50 discount on batteries.

And this is what separates Apple from the competition. That been said I will like to see Apple and other major players investing heavy on battery R&D since the current state of battery tech is not optimal.