Get Twitter On Your Wrist With This New Twitter Client

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Last year Twitter removed it’s Watch app leaving a void for those that will like access to Twitter from anywhere at anytime.

Thankfully there are great indie decelopers willing to make an even better alternative.

Enter Chirp a new Watch Twitter client that it’s even better that what Twitter was offering.

Available now as a free download from the App Store. If you need Twitter on you get it now.

 Chirp Twitter Client

Chirp Twitter Client


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Drafts 5 Joins The App Subscriptions Black Hole

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Like I had always stated I am open to paying for good apps especially apps I use constantly.

What I am not a fan of are app subscriptions.

That being said I have been paying a subscription for a couple of apps. And yet another of my favorites app is also moving to a subscription and is starting to feel a bit overwhelming.

The popular note-taking app Draft will be moving to a subscription model starting with version 5. At $20 a year I think is a bit pricey.

Drafts 5: Capture ‣‣ Act

My current app subscriptions.

  • Newton Mail - Email App $49.99/yr
  • Evernote 69.99/yr
  • Ulysses $39.99/yr
  • Bear $14.99/yr
  • VSCO $19.99/yr
  • Adobe Photography $99.99/yr
  • Dropbox $99/yr
  • Google Drive $99/yr
  • TextExpander $24.99/yr
  • 1Password $34.99/yr
  • DayOne $24.99/yr
  • Grammarly $69.99/yr

I am probably forgetting some but that will just give you an idea of how expensive these subscriptions are becoming. And that's not counting services like Apple Music, Netflix, YouTube Red, Hulu, SS etc.

Do I see value in app subscriptions?

Yes and no. Some app subscriptions definitely offer value. Like the Adobe Photography plan I remember paying $150 and $700+ every couple of years for Lightroom and Photoshop so at $120 a year they are a steal. Newton Mail offers me the piece of mind with my emails so it’s worth it for me.

Now the ones I really see it as overpriced at the current yearly price are Ulysses and TextExpander for the rate of updates on this app and the mature nature of them I don’t think a subscription is really worth it.

Will I switch out of them? Ulysses, I am pretty sure I will keep using it for the time been but I keep looking around for an alternative. But TextExpander I am definitely dropping as soon as the subscription expires. Definitely no value on it. The app still buggy and I don’t see a deference from the when the app was a stand-alone purchase.

And Drafts 5?

I don’t know yet I guess at least a year to see if it’s worth renewing

App developers really need to analyze if their apps are really subscriptions worthy.

If you have a 2016 or 2017 Apple MacBook Pro You Need This ASAP

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Forget the dongle what you need is a keyboard cover

For all the plus on the new MacBook Pro’s, there is one glaring con and that is the new keyboard.


I had owned virtually every MacBook Pro generation since 2008 and not once did I had an issue with the keyboard. But this new keyboard while it feels nice it has a big flaw.

Enter dust

This new keyboard is super-sensible to dust and we aren’t talking crumbs size dust we are talking micro-particles if one of them gets under the keyboard it will cause issues and this isn’t covered under warranty. A keyboard replacement will set you back upwards of $500 at Apple.

But there is an easy fix and will only cost you $10. A good keyboard cover that is so low profile you won't even know is there.

Save yourself $490 and get one of this keyboard covers ASAP.