Say Hello To OMARCAST 2.0 We Even Let You Donate

omarcastOmar MoralesComment

Last night I went to be bed with a beef. An emotional beef not an actual steak just in case.

I was browsing OMARCAST and I wasn’t feeling de design. I guess I had grown bored of the design so this morning the first thing I decided to tackle was that.

So here it is OMARCAST 2.0

No it do not have a lot more what it actually has is a bit less. I like my website to look as clean as posible so that the reader concentrates on the content. 

We have a new logo, colors and fonts. Hey I even came up with a tag word Blogcasting.

I reduced the ads and eliminated some other distractions while making finding content more easily.

Why not get rid of ads entirely? Simple ads help with the cost of running the site but now we have a Donation button on the page footer or by clicking here for those kind readers. Who knows if those donations really kick in we may finally get rid of all the ads.

Or you can also support us using

So I hope that everyone of you enjoy the cleaner design and like always if you have any feedback or suggestion feel free to hit us using the contact form or on twitter @oomarcast.