Chris Plante The Ridiculous Feminist Attacks Again #femradical

OpinionOmar MoralesComment

Chris Plante has taken it upon himself to be the guy champion of radical feminist and has go so far as to attack history making scientist over a shirt.

And today he found another stupid reason to project his insecurities to the world. Writing on The Verge a site that have been taking a very shady trajectory lately he takes issues with Apple and Adobe presentation during the iPad Pro segment of Apple's latest event.

See Adobe put a smile in a picture of a model something artist and professional PR firms do every single day and to who Adobe was targeting the segment. 

But no for Chris Plante and he's Twitter Femradicals it was another issue he needed to address with stupid comments like:

Today, Adobe used its portion of the Apple event to demonstrate an impressive suite of apps that allow iPad Pro users to manipulate and layout images and text. But the way they did it was creepy and tone-deaf.

Creepy? Really? I know Femradicals like to over use the word creepy among others but in this case it was totally over the line to call the simple act of editing a picture to add a smile creepy.

What's creepy is Plante's unstoppable thirst to turn any innocent event into feminist issues. 

What's wrong with this guy? If I had to bet I will say he is just looking for attention and make this stupid arguments anytime he knows he will get the attention. Petty.