Spotify Made Me Cancel Them By Bitching Over Apple Music

OpinionOmar MoralesComment

I have been a Spotify subscribers since 2014. While I do not use the service every day as I actually relay more on Pandora I still pay for it for those occasions when I need it.

I will be canceling the Premium subscription I had have since 2014.

I will be canceling the Premium subscription I had have since 2014.

When Apple music came out I signed up for the 3 month free trial and at the end of the trial I canceled the service as I liked Spotify UI more.

Now I started using Apple Music again a couple of months ago out of anger against Spotify for it constant attacks on Apple. I have been using both service side by side since April.

But I am finally done with Spotify and will not renew it again when my subscription expires.


Well Apple just announced a new version of Apple Music at WWDC that looks a lot better while Spotify just keep escalating their attacks against Apple.

Spotify it’s acting like an entitled little brat that think their business model deserves to be maintained even if is unsustainable.

In my opinion all music service are overpriced because the music labels and the rich artist (ex. Taylor Swift, Adele, West etc) had convinced many people that artists need to eat and that's where the bulk of the subscription money is going. When in reality the bulk of the money goes to the labels and the big names artist with very little left for the rest.

But Spotify had taken the habit of bad mouthing Apple claiming anti-competitive practices just because Apples requires them to abide by the same rules all other developers had abide since the App Store was introduced.

And that whining cry baby attitude from Spotify just pissed me off and I won’t be supporting their business anymore.

Why not negotiate a better deals with the labels or diversify it’s business? Because it’s easier for them to demand a preferential treatment to support it’s business model.

Yes, Apple is bigger and richer than Spotify but that do not make them evil they just have smarter people building a sustainable business and for that reason they deserve to reap the benefits unlike Spotify that wants to survive on a business model that had proven unattainable under the music labels terms.

I am tired of business thinking they have a right to exist. They don’t. Either adapt or die it’s that simple.

Plus Spotify is even more despicable having benefited enormously from what Apple had built but still acting like a B####.