I am not afraid of a North Korea Nuclear Strike Against US But

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My Thought On The Current North Korea Crisis

The N.K Strike Fear

If you ask anyone what they think about this current back and forth between the two unqualified and irrational “leaders” they will tell you they are afraid of a North Korea nuclear strike against the US.

And according to a recent poll, 82% of Americans share this fear.


But I don’t

I really doubt North Korea can launch a successful nuclear attack against us. They may launch who knows but I doubt it will reach us and cause serious damage. It will be an unprecedented event for us but I doubt it will happen.

The Real Fear

But what really scares me is the potential millions that could die in Asia. Millions in South Korea, Japan, and North Korea are the one in real danger of losing their lives. Yes, I include North Koreans because no matter what the extremist tell you they are also human beings and ones that have suffered a lot already by their own government hands.

If we launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against them not only we will lose the moral ground against the proliferation of nuclear weapons but we will commit an atrocity against innocent civilians once again.

South Korea and Japan are not only in danger because of nuclear weapons but they are both easy targets for North Korea's conventional weapons and the loss of life from those weapons will be in the thousands if not hundred of thousands.

When the warmongers ask for war and pound their chest claiming we are invincible and a hyper power they seem to forget about the damage that such war will cause on millions of people a large portion of them our allies.

I just hope that rational people behind both of this maniacs can restrain them.

I Love Audiobooks But Hate The Useless Announcements

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I really love audiobooks and for that reason always keep an Audible subscription active. I listen to 3-5 books a month. I read books on downtime but audio books give me the ability to enjoy a book while multitasking anytime anywhere.

But if there is something I hate about audiobooks are the useless announcement they usually have at the beginning.

An announcement like authors giving thanks, version numbers, ads for other books from the same author or same publisher and the one that will never be absent the Copyright announcement. They should leave all this uselessness for the end for who ever care about that useless information.

I know I know I am exaggerating and whining but this along with the car horns locks (post coming soon) really irks me.

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# The Politics Of Fear: As a nation we need to demand an end to #fearmongering

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Our elected clowns politicians need to stop using fearmongering as an excuse for everything. We don’t want to be governed under a permanent and always growing fear blanket. Why can they use inspiration, science, goals, education or any other positive form of motivation instead of just fear? Because fear is easy manipulated and thats all they are looking to do manipulate us so that they don’t have to do what they were actually elected to do govern and advance our society.

And for this change to happen people need to stop been always AFRAID always on a state of PANIC and always looking for a savior and a foe. Stop been distracted. And for the record this is not a one party issue both main parties use fear as it’s main weapon to both campaign and “govern”.