APPLE WWDC 2015 My Five Favorite Announcements

AppleOmar MoralesComment

Of all the nice things Apple announced today at WWDC 2015 this are the top five I am more exited about.

  • Split screen iPad apps multitasking
  • Picture in Picture
  • Increase iPhone Battery Performance
  • Native Apple Watch Apps
  • News App

I love my iPad and i am glued to it every day so been able to use two apps simultaneously is a big win for me.

One of the things I do the most is watch videos so if I can do that and do something else at the same time thats another win.

More iPhone battery. What else can I say?

Native apps will make my Apple watch so much better. I just can’t wait to try Strava natively.

I am a big news junkie and the News apps looks beautiful.

All in all I guess todays announcement were pretty nice the only let down was the no AppleTV news. Hoping to see that in the fall.