I Need To Start Taking Pictures Again

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Not long ago I used to take pictures every single day. And not just iPhone pictures I mean using many different cameras: Canon DSLR, Fuji Xs and even GoPros.

It was my main pastime and I really enjoyed it. I wasn’t in for the money but even then I managed to make a bit of extra cash with my pictures.

But what it really gave me was freedom and enjoyment. Something I really miss.

What Happen?

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Last year my life suffered many complications and I went into a depressed mood so bad that I didn’t even wanted to take any more pictures. Deleted my years old website along with my Instagram, Facebook and most of the pictures on my 500px account, I also sold most of my gear and barely took anymore pictures.

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Funny thing is that the issues that had me in such a bad state of mind had nothing to do with my photography. But I correlated that I was spending too much time taking pictures instead of focusing in more important matters.

What About Now?

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This weekend I got a new NAS and started backing everything up and in the process started looking at many of my old pictures and it just hit me. Why had I stopped doing something that gave me so much joy?

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So I have decided that starting today I will start carrying my camera again and taking pictures because I really need that joy in my life.