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I went to try the Apple Watch & It’s Beautiful

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At The Lehigh Valley Apple Store

I went to see the Apple Watch in “person” at the Apple Store in Lehigh Valley, PA at around 6-7pm yesterday and even at that time and the Watch not been actually for sale the store was packed.

There were an unusual number of uniformed security guards but that it’s totally understandable as the high volume of customer and new smaller device may tempt some nefarious actors.

Try On Time

I arrived at the store and immediately was lead to the display by an employee that proceeded to open the drawer and ask me which one I wanted to try. I asked to try the one I had pre-ordered the 42mm Space Gray and I just loved how it looked on my wrist. They definitely look smaller than on pictures and even more elegant.

My wife also try the one she pre-ordered the 38mm Silver with the Pink band and now she can’t wait until June when her’s is supposed to arrive.

Loop On Try-ons But Demo Units Working

Some reports said that no demo units will be available but there were a bunch of them available to test and all of them were been try by curious customers. I saw all kinds of demographics showing strong interest on the Watch.

Did I Liked?

YES, a lot thats all I can say.