Why I switched to Newton Mail for Mac and iOS?

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Luckily for Mac and iOS user, we have great options when it comes to email clients. Starting with the native Mail app and other great options like Spark and my previous go to client Airmail.

I had been using Airmail for Mac since 2014 and Airmail for iOS since 2016. Before 2016 my iOS client was CloudMagic what today is called Newton Mail.

I was very happy with CloudMagic but it when from free to $25 a year. Now as Newton Mail it cost $49.99 a year.

So why I returned to CloudMagic (Newton Mail) now paying $50 a year?

Newton Mail for Mac

Newton Mail for Mac

Airmail is a very powerful app and it cost just $10 for Mac and $5 for iOS and those are one time purchases, unlike Newton Mail yearly recurring subscription.

The reason I decided to go back to Newton is that while Airmail is great it can be buggy at times especially on the sync front. And while the apps are clean they aren’t as clean and eye pleasing as Newton is.

Newton sync and supercharge features are also a must. The read receipt is better implemented than Airmail and Spark similar features.

The all account sync is also better, unlike Airmail I don’t need to input the password for each account when login in on a new device and unlike Airmail they also offer Android and Windows apps. I am not a user of neither but I am glad the option is there just in case.

Newton Mail For iOS

Newton Mail For iOS

Paying a subscription for a great app isn’t a big deal for me I like to support great apps and knowing how the developers are making their money is relieving. Unlike Spark, that is totally free but how they plan to profit from the app is a mystery. It could be gone in time or they could sell your data with free apps you never know. Or they could pull a CloudMagic and start charging after all.

So in short

So this are the reasons I decided to give Newton a one year try after testing it for free for 14 days.

  • Great design
    • Reliable fast sync
    • Multiplatform support
    • Fast customer support
    • Support the developers
    • Better implementation of read receipt and send later features
    • 14 days free trial

If you will like to try Newton free for 14 days click here for iOS or here for Mac it will give you a free trial off all the platforms clients.

Portrait (selfies) Enhancing App For iOS Relook Goes Free - Get It Now

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Don’t let this one pass by. Relook (Download for iOS) one of the best portrait (aka selfies) enhancing apps for iPhone has temporary dropped in price from the usual $3.99 to FREE. This is a limited time deal and I am not sure how long it will last but if you are looking for an app to clean your selfies before posting it online Relook is a great choice specially when it’s free.

From the developer:

"Relook enhances natural beauty better than any other app on mobile!" 

It provides the tools used by professional fashion photographers in simple to use interface. Now you can easily turn photos or selfies into magazine quality portraits. Relook's Bright-3™ skin layering and multi-phase frequency separation techniques ensure exceptional natural looking results.

- Diminish the appearance of pores, wrinkles, grease and highlights. Relook guarantees an even looking, natural skin.

- Relook’s Healing tool fixes spots and pimples instantly by replacing the spot intelligently with the best possible match. It’s much faster and easier than other traditional touch-up apps.
- The Soft Clone tool lets you easily replace upper layers of skin whilst maintaining the original base layers. It’s a perfect tool to remove wrinkles ensuring exceptionally natural looking results.

- Lighten skin tones, remove redness, brighten eye color, add intensity and adjust lighting and shadows. Relook's advanced Soft-Color tone adjustment tools let you show your face in the best possible light
- Use Clarity to accentuate the best areas and Defocus to highlight the face from the background

- Highlight and brighten eyes or change eye colour
- Add volume to your lashes and shape your brows

- Correct any lens distortion and enhance facial and body shapes
- Refine nose, cheekbones and brows
- Enlarge or shrink a specific area of the image

- Finalise your editing using the amazing set of tailor-made presets. 
- The presets are designed for portraits providing tones that fit for every skin type.

- Using Relook, the keen amateur or professional photographer alike can export their results with layer data to Lightroom or Photoshop for extended editing. Creative Cloud, iCloud Drive and Dropbox supported for .psd export.