Why I switched to Newton Mail for Mac and iOS?

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Luckily for Mac and iOS user, we have great options when it comes to email clients. Starting with the native Mail app and other great options like Spark and my previous go to client Airmail.

I had been using Airmail for Mac since 2014 and Airmail for iOS since 2016. Before 2016 my iOS client was CloudMagic what today is called Newton Mail.

I was very happy with CloudMagic but it when from free to $25 a year. Now as Newton Mail it cost $49.99 a year.

So why I returned to CloudMagic (Newton Mail) now paying $50 a year?

Newton Mail for Mac

Newton Mail for Mac

Airmail is a very powerful app and it cost just $10 for Mac and $5 for iOS and those are one time purchases, unlike Newton Mail yearly recurring subscription.

The reason I decided to go back to Newton is that while Airmail is great it can be buggy at times especially on the sync front. And while the apps are clean they aren’t as clean and eye pleasing as Newton is.

Newton sync and supercharge features are also a must. The read receipt is better implemented than Airmail and Spark similar features.

The all account sync is also better, unlike Airmail I don’t need to input the password for each account when login in on a new device and unlike Airmail they also offer Android and Windows apps. I am not a user of neither but I am glad the option is there just in case.

Newton Mail For iOS

Newton Mail For iOS

Paying a subscription for a great app isn’t a big deal for me I like to support great apps and knowing how the developers are making their money is relieving. Unlike Spark, that is totally free but how they plan to profit from the app is a mystery. It could be gone in time or they could sell your data with free apps you never know. Or they could pull a CloudMagic and start charging after all.

So in short

So this are the reasons I decided to give Newton a one year try after testing it for free for 14 days.

  • Great design
    • Reliable fast sync
    • Multiplatform support
    • Fast customer support
    • Support the developers
    • Better implementation of read receipt and send later features
    • 14 days free trial

If you will like to try Newton free for 14 days click here for iOS or here for Mac it will give you a free trial off all the platforms clients.

Best Third Party Apple Watch Band For Christmas 2017 - 2018 Series 3, 2, 1

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If you have grown tired of your current Apple Watch band or just will like to add some variety to your arsenal of bands but find Apple Bands to be overpriced or just rather save the cash for the iPhone 7 then here are some of the best affordable third-party options.

#1 - BRG Apple Watch Band, Stainless Steel Mesh Milanese Loop with Adjustable Magnetic Closure


This band takes some serious inspiration from Apple’s original Milanese band but this one comes in four colors black, gold, rose gold and silver.

Oh, and the best part is just a fraction of the price from Apple’s offering selling for a bit under $15.

It’s one of the best selling bands on Amazon and it has an almost perfect 5 start review rating with over 3000 reviewers praising it.

You can’t go wrong with this one.

#2 - OULUOQL Apple Watch Band 42mm, Silicone Sport Straps


Here is another highly reviewed band. With over 3000 reviews and an almost 5 perfect rating, this band is perfect for those looking for a more traditional sports band.

It comes in four colors and at the time of writing, the price is just $8.

#3 - Apple Watch Band, 42mm Premium Vintage Genuine Leather


This is one of the best selling and highly rated Leather bands. It looks amazing and it just under $12.

#4 - Apple Watch Band, JETech Apple Watch 42mm All Models Stainless Steel


If you are looking for the ultimate in style and elegance this stainless steel link bracelet has no rival. With thousands of positive reviews and awesome look for a fraction the cost of Apple’s link bracelet this one will surely elevate any Apple Watch Sport look at a fraction of the cost.

#5 - COVERY 42MM Band Genuine Leather Strap Stainless Metal Buckle


This elegant leather band comes in multiple colors and sizes and will give any apple watch a high-end look for under $10. It has an almost perfect 5-star rating and over 1000 reviews.

#6 - 42mm Marge Plus Genuine Leather Strap Replacement Band with Stainless Metal Clasp


If you are looking for a brown leather strap but with a less vintage more modern look this one can’t be beaten. Highly rated and one of Amazon Best Seller this one is a must-have.

#7 - OULUOQI Sports Watch Band 42mm, Soft Silicone in Multiple Colors


If you love the look of the Apple Nike inspire watch band but cringe at the price. This highly reviewed and I mean highly since it has over 3000 reviews is just 1/5 the price and come in a huge selection of colors.

#8 - UMTELE Rugged Protective Case with Strap Bands


If what you are after is a band and case combination that is rugged and will protect your Apple Watch no matter the environment then this combo is for you. An almost perfect rating with over a thousand reviews this one is a no-brainer.

#9 - Fullmosa Yan Calf Leather Replacement Band/Strap with Stainless Steel Clasp


This band comes in 15 colors and will give the Watch a very high end and refined look for under $14.

#10 - Zyra Sports Band for Apple Watch


This band will give your Watch the same look as the official Watch Sports band but it will only set you back $10. It also comes in 10 colors to choose from.