Amazon Reveals New Echo Look, An Echo With Camera #echolook

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Amazon Reveals New Echo Look, An Echo With Camera

Today Amazon announced a new member to the Echo family of personal assistance.

The new device has a camera and is called the Echo Look it will retail for $199

Not too Much About Security

While the look has a built in camera it does not seem to be too much about security and more about fashion, entertainment and similar stuff but Amazon stressed that the Echo Look will be receiving constant updates so I will guess more robust security features are incoming.

A Good iPhone Tripod That Just Cost $10 [video] #iphoneography

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Everyones carry an iPhone or another smartphone so most people have a great camera on them all the time.

So why do so many people take bad pictures? Simple because in a lot of occasion a good camera will do you no good if is not paired to a tripod.

A tripod provide a stable image so that the pictures and videos come out looking great without been blurry or noise.

Now there are a lot of great tripods for iPhone like the Manfrotto Rugged Mini Tripod Kit but at $30 if you get one for the house and one for the car you will be out $60.

A Good $10 Alternative

Enter the Aukey iPhone Tripod at just $10 this basic tripod comes with an adjustable ball head and mount. It’s inexpensive but sturdy and will hold any iPhone with and without a case. It will fit most other smartphone as well.

And the shape of the legs make for a comfortable grip if you use it like a stabilizer while walking and vlogging.

Price for this tripod fluctuates from $8-$12 but it’s almost always around $10. At that price grab a pair and always have one in hand when you need it.

Gboard The Best Third Party Keyboard For iPhone

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I have tried every third party iOS keyboard including Microsoft Word Flow, Fleksy, SwiftKey, Swype, Microsoft Hub, TouchPal, Typeeto, Clipped among other. Some of them are very good and some are not.

But yesterday I installed Googles Gboard and finally I found a third party keyboard worth using.

Gboard allows you to search google directly from the keyboard without leaving the app you are using. It can also search for images, gifs and even emojis. The keyboard is fast and it also has a built in Swype style text input.

After using it for the last 24 hours I can say I am hook. This is a super convenient keyboard.