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iPhone Users Don’t Care About Stupid Android Specs #iphone #iphone11pro #iphone11

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You know how the routine goes.

Every year right after Apple announces the newest iPhone we get a barrage of articles and ridiculous Youtube videos (with even more ridiculous thumbnails) from self-proclaimed “experts” letting us know how just like every year since 2007 Apple failed to deliver.

See these people are always comparing Apple's to oranges (pun intended). They always start by comparing specs on how the latest iPhone is lacking and overpriced and how they can’t understand why anyone will buy it compared to the “competition”.

It goes something like this:

No way this Apple toy can beat the latest Nokia - circa 2007 lol

The iPhone still doesn’t have a QWERTY physical keyboard there is no way they can compete with Blackberry

The iPhone is doomed because it lacks 3G

The iPhone still doesn’t have 4G Android does Apple is doomed

Android phones have larger screens

The iPhone unless Samsung lacks OLED

Apple can’t win Android phones have SD cards

WTF Apple removed the headphone jack while Android still have it

The iPhone still doesn’t have a removable battery

The iPhone has half the RAM of the (insert random Android phone here)

Android is open and the iPhone still locked

The new iPhone lacks (insert random gimmicky spec here) my last year androids have it

Androids are customizable the new iPhone still can’t be customized

My android doesn’t have a camera bump the new ugly iPhone does

The new iPhone is already outdated

The new iPhones are BOOOOORING

etc etc etc

While us seasoned iPhone user know that this kind of videos and articles aren’t more than clickbait intended to attract the Apple haters and generate ad revenues. These Apple haters will feel good since they feel validated in their insecurity about choosing Android. What's awkward is how close they are always following Apple's move. Why?

What the haters don’t get

What all these haters don’t get is that we DON’T care about stupid Android specs. We don’t care about the ram, removable batteries, removable storage, cheesy customization, malware, spyware, glitches, lack of ecosystem, lack of updates, fragmentation, and we definitely don’t care about the damn headphone jack.

You know why?

Because at the end of the day it still an Android and more importantly it isn’t an iPhone. The thing that makes the iPhone so good aren’t unnecessary specs or gimmicks it’s that it has iOS and the hardware is optimized to give us the best experience possible all the time.

Another big one is the ecosystem. We don’t only have iPhones we also have iPads, Macbooks, iMacs, Apple TVs and Watches and not a single Android phone integrate perfectly with all of them. The App Store and the abundance of high-quality optimized apps is second to none.

So Android users enjoy your phones because we surely enjoy our iPhone for years and years since they are supported by Apple longer than any other manufacturer.

And we just don’t care about your silly Androids.