Hillary Clinton & The DNC the only ones to blame for Trump Victory

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Let set something straight

After Donald Trump won the elections on Tuesday many in the media, Hillary’s campaign and Washington have been putting the blame one everyone else but them.

So far they have blamed Hillary’s lost on:

  • Bernie Sanders
  • Millennials
  • Hispanics
  • Middle Class White Voters
  • Black Voters
  • Womens
  • and Russia

Bernie Sanders

Bernie didn’t cost Hillary the elections. The DNC doing all they could to prevent an honest primary and nominating a candidate so flawed that even Donald Trump could beat her are the only ones to blame.

Instead of Bernie why not blame Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

After all she was the one that failed us by not fulfilling her role as the chairwomen of the DNC and only acting as Hillary’s cheerleader. Debbie this one is on you.


Here we go again blaming everything on millennials.

You know why millennials didn’t supported Hillary more?

Because she dismissed them and treat them on a very condescending way during the primary’s. She acted like she didn’t needed them and that’s once again is Hillary’s fault.


So 65% of hispanics voted for Hillary but according to the pundits somehow they failed her. What?

Hillary is not entitled to the hispanic vote and blaming her lost on them is offensive. The Obama administration deported 2.5 millions hispanics during the last 8 years and they now wonder why less hispanics voted for her.

Middle Class White Voters

Yes it is true that a small portion of the white voters decided to vote for Trump because they share his racist, bigoted and ignorance views.

But the vast majority voted for Trump because they feel abandoned by Washington Republicans & Democrats alike. They have seen their manufacturing jobs shipped over seas and they know all started with Bill Clinton and NAFTA .

They know that Hillary don’t care about their jobs and they will probably had voted for anyone that didn’t represented the status quo. I am pretty sure a majority will had voted for Bernie instead of Trump if they had the choice a choice that was taken from them by the DNC.

This one is on you DNC not the white voters.

Black Voters

They said that the blacks voters also failed Hillary jezz how many scapegoats do they need?

The black voters were been ask to vote for someone that called them super predators, someone that said they should be brought to heel and someone that frankly didn’t gave a f##k about black voters.

So don’t go blaming the black voters for failing to bring them to you. Hillary you and only you are responsible to earns someones vote you aren’t entitled to anyones vote and when you abandon a group of voter don’t expect them to go running to vote for you.

Who’s fault is it again? Yeah Hillary’s


Once again Hillary thought she was entitled to the women’s vote just because she would had been the first female president.

I really want to see a female president during my lifetime and hope it comes soon (I am looking at you Sen. Elizabeth Warren)

But Hillary wrongfully thought hey I am a women so women’s are going to vote for me no matter what. Nope.

Just like any other group of voter you need to connect with them not just assume they HAVE or NEED to give you their vote. Once again Hillary this one was entirely your fault.


Did Russia intervened to help Trump win? No, Yes, Maybe, probably. But why?

Because we have been alienating them by expanding NATO closer and closer to them. This administration and Hillary’s campaign have demonized the Russian people and gave them no other option than to seek a better alternative for themselves.

Can we blame them? Of course not we will had done the same. Don’t go looking for enemies and then expect them to lay low.

It’s only Hillary’s and the DNC fault

The DNC have abandoned it’s base and aligned with big banks, big Pharma and the lobbyist. Totally forgetting about the common people.

They have been living in a bubble while the rest of the nation feels the pain.

They are no better than the GOP and the base have grown tired of the same BS over and over again.

Yes this four years will be hard and thats the DNC and Hillary’s doing not the voters.

I just hope that real change can be brought on 2020 and that we have a party that represent all Americans that offer real options and provide us with decent candidates on all levels.

Stop bending over for big corp and big money and start representing the voters, the people that you are actually suppose to put first and they will vote for you. Abandon them and they will abandon you.

Put up a fight when something is not right and break with Washington mentality of greed.

Stop blaming the results on everyone but you. YOU HILLARY & YOU DNC are the only ones responsible for this tragedy.

Best Third Party Apple Watch Bands Late 2016 early 2017 #applewatch

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I have compiled a previous list and the bands on that list are all a great buy check that list HERE.

The New List

1 - Inteny Apple Watch Band Series 1 Series 2 Colorful Pattern Woven Nylon Band


This nylon woven band has a 4 out 5 rating with excellent reviews and come in a huge assortment of colors in both 38mm and 42mm sizes (almost 40 varieties).

The woven nylon bad does not only feels good it also includes a free silicon sport band. This band quality is amazing I am currently using one and love it. It also cost less than Apple’s official woven nylon band.

Key Selling Points:

  • Fine Woven Nylon Band with Classic Buckle For Apple Watch Series 1 or Apple Watch Series 2
  • Made from high-quality nylon, comfortable and breathable for good hand feeling
  • Made from over 500 threads woven together in a unique, colorful pattern
  • Good Pulling Force for all bracelets with spring bars as original one
  • Package Included: 1 X Nylon Band;1 X Silicone Band Watch is not included

If you are looking for a sporty band and likes the look of the new Apple Nike+ band then you will like this Covery band. It has great reviews with buyers praising the great build quality and confort.

You can’t buy this band directly from Apple or Nike unless you buy a whole new Apple Watch Nike+ edition. But you can get this replacement in a assortment of colors for both the 38mm and 42mm Watch.

Key Selling Points:

  • LIGHT WEIGHT - Made from durable, soft, lightweight silicone which reduces weight and improves ventilation
  • SKIN FRIENDLY - The smooth material drapes elegantly across your wrist and feels comfortable next to your skin
  • MOTIVATION IN MOTION - From leading-edge comfort to the way it connects you to your running buddies, it’s your perfect running partner — on your wrist
  • APPLICATION - Perfectly fit for apple watch series 1 series 2 sport & edition

If you are looking for a replacement silicon band you need to look at this FanTek band. With almost 1700 reviews at the time of this writing and an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 you will expect this band to cost more but at just 1/5 the cost of the official Apple version this one is a no brainer.

Reviewers like the build quality, confort and exceptional value provided by this band. This band also comes in a huge assortment of colors for both the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch.

Key Selling Points:

  • The watch band is made of high quality materials, Comfortable and Durable
  • The band comes with Lugs on both sides, which lock onto Apple Watch Precisely and Securely
  • M/L Size, Suitable for 5.9"-7.9" (150mm-200mm) wrist
  • Package included: a pair of Watch Bands. Smart Watch and other accessories Not Included

This beautiful band has almost a 1000 reviews and a 4.5 out of 5 average rating. This band is made of genuine leather and comes in brown or black.

This is a beautiful leather watch band for the apple watch. The connectors fit perfectly as if it was made by apple themselves. I really like the off-white accent stitching around the band as well. I pair it with the "modular" watch face in stone grey and the whole thing just looks great.

Key Selling Points:

  • Explanation: it is compatible with Apple watch 42mm; special note: we just sell the band without the watch.
  • Material: 100% genuine leather band, made of original grassland cattle leather, comfortable, the inner leather is made of 100% real microfiber and was made on the original leather, pure handmade craft with the modern technology; the buckle is made of high-end steel, matte design and not rust; the band adapter is made of original Apple steel, easy to be installed and replaced.
  • Design: made of Europe Crazy Horse leather; you can use it on any occasions (conducting business activities, attending the party, playing outdoor activities and so on); which will also highlight the genuine leather’s elegant design; we do not recommend bring it to swimming or putting it into the water directly (please do maintain it if it was wet)
  • Size: standard size, we recommend you choose the correct size based on your wrist’s size.
  • After-sales service: one year warranty and lifetime customer service; please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions; we will solve it for you asap.

With over 2000 exceptional reviews and at less than $10 this band offer an amazing value. Everyone should own a Milanese loop band and this one is a must buy.

It comes in four colors Black, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold in both 38mm and 42mm.

Key Selling Points:

  • Unique fully magnetic Milanese loop is infinitely adjustable, NO TOOL needed, just stick and lock your watch band easily.
  • Easy to lock into your Apple Watch and one button removal. You can swap easily back and forth with different color or other Apple Watch band.
  • Personalize your iWatch with this refined strap compared to Apple ones, but LESS PRICE.
  • Please recognize the seller name ‘’BRG Tech‘’ when you purchase, beware of imitation, fake and poor products from other seller.

The Five Best Document Scanners As Of Mid 2016

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Besides, the clutter free benefits that document scanners offer they also help you organize and retrieve documents as needed.

Thanks to my Scansnap and Evernote I had all documentation needed for my mortgage easily accessible avoiding any closing delays.

There are hundreds of document scanners on the market but not all of them are worth your money, time or the hassle to operate.

On this list, we will list the top five available as of August 2016.

You will see that one company Fujitsu will dominate this list and that’s because they offer the best line of document scanners and have been the top manufacturer of this scanners for over a decade.

So here we go.

# 1 - Fujitsu ScanSnap IX500 (Rating 4.5 out of 5)


This is the best consumer level document scanner you can buy right now.

The IX500 features wifi connectivity so you can use this scanner with either a Mac or PC computer, iOS or Android devices and even by itself because it can scan directly to the cloud services like Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox and many more.

It creates searchable PDF for easy document searching and retrieval.

It has a 50 pages automatic document feeder and will scan both sides of a document at once.

Key IX500 Selling Points:

- One button searchable PDF creation
- Fast color, grayscale and monochrome scan speeds of up to 25 double-sided pages per minute
- Advanced paper feeding system with 50-page automatic document feeder (ADF)
- Scan wirelessly to Mac, PC, iOS or Android or via USB to Mac or PC
- Scan to cloud without a Computer or mobile device

This is without a doubt or number one recommendation but if you need something more affordable we still have four great selections for you.


Like it’s big brother the IX500 the IX100 features wifi connectivity and works with Mac, PC, iOS, Android and will also scan directly to cloud services.

Will it’s not as fast as the IX500 and lack some features found in the IX500 the advantage of the IX100 is that is a more portable device featuring a rechargeable battery so you can move it anywhere or even take it with you and scan from anywhere.

The scan quality is the best available on a portable document scanner as of this writing.

Key IX100 Selling Points:

- Scan a color document in 5.2 seconds
- Scan wirelessly to iOS or Android mobile device
- Scan wirelessly to a PC or Mac
- Scan wirelessly to cloud services
- Portable
- Rechargeable battery

# 3 - Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i (Rating 4.5 out of 5)


While the S1300i lacks wireless connectivity it makes up for it with fast duplex scanning and an automatic document feeder at a smaller footprint. Perfect for smaller desk or if you have to move it from place to place. This will have been our number 2 choice if it had wifi.

If you do not need the wireless connectivity at all or the rechargeable battery I will recommend this one over the IX100.

S1300i Key Selling Points:

- Fast color, grayscale and monochrome scan speeds of up to 12 double sided pages per minute
- 10-page Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
- One touch searchable PDF Creation
- Automatic paper size detection, automatic color detection, automatic cropping, blank page deletion and de-skew
- Scan to: Evernote, SugarSync, Google Docs, Salesforce Chatter and Dropbox,1 year Limited Warranty

# 4 - Brother ADS1000W Compact Color Desktop Scanner with Duplex and Wireless Networking (Rating 4 out of 5)


The Brother ADS1000W is a good value for its price. While its user interface isn’t as nicely excited as the ScanSnap line it offers wireless connectivity, duplex scanning and a document feeder.

Brother ADS1000W Key Selling Points:

- Scans single and double-sided documents in a single pass, in both color and black/white, at up to 16 ppm
- Wireless network connectivity, plus USB interface for local connections
- Easy-to-use TouchPanel display allows one-touch scanning to common destinations
- Easily scans business and embossed plastic I.D. cards, receipts, photos, and documents up to 34"^ in length through the 20-page auto document feeder
- Bundled with a valuable suite of scanning software, including desktop document, receipt and business card management programs

# 5 - Doxie Go Wi-Fi (Rating 4.5 out of 5)


The Doxie Go Wifi competes head to head with the ScanSnap IX100 and is a very good device. I will pick the Doxie Go Wifi over the ScanSnap IX100 if I can find it on sale. There is also a none wifi version for about $50 less but I strongly recommend the Wifi version as it will make scanning from anywhere more easily.

Doxie Go Wifi Key Selling Points:

- Doxie Go Wi-Fi delivers smarter portable scanning you can take and sync anywhere - no computer required - with rechargeable battery, memory, integrated Wi-Fi, and included Doxie Mac, PC, iPhone, and iPad apps.
- Scan documents at your desk or on the go with Wi-Fi and Doxie's included apps. Simply insert your paper and scan full color pages in just 10 seconds at up to 600 dpi. Sync to the included software and share your scans within moments.
- Doxie is a fully portable scanner - with built-in battery and internal memory. Doxie's tiny size - the size of a rolled up magazine - stores an amazing 1,800 pages (or 7,200 photos) before needing to sync. If additional storage is needed, simply insert an SD card.
- Included Doxie apps sync your scans to your Mac, PC, iPhone, or iPad. Sync scans via Wi-Fi to your desktop to organize, save, and create searchable multi-page PDFs with award-winning ABBYY® OCR technology to recognize the text in your document. Or, sync scans to your iPhone or iPad with Doxie's iOS app to save and share your scans wherever you are.
- Built as the next generation of the original Doxie Go, Doxie Go Wi-Fi has 3x the battery life, 4x the internal memory, improved feeding, higher quality scans, and includes a power adapter - enabling Doxie's all new one minute setup.