WWDC 2016: What Apple Really Needs To Announce

AppleOmar MoralesComment

Apple has opened registration for the Apple World Wide Developers Conference 2016 to be held during June 11th to 16th in San Francisco.

We will certainly see previews for new version of iOS and watchOS and maybe a rebranding of OS X to MacOS.

There are three things I actually want to see at this year WWDC.

I will like to see an update to Siri’s backend. Let’s face it Siri can’t stand beside Google’s and Amazon’s voice assistants.

The only time I use Siri is when I tell her to open the Google app so I can search something by voice while driving. Google understands me every time while Siri does it about half the time.

And when I am home I only use Alexa on my Amazon Echo to do voice search and control my smart home devices.

And that bring me to the second thing I will like to see this year.

A big HomeKit status update.

I have smart everything in my house. I have added Philips Hues, Nest Thermostats, connected cameras, Wemo Switchesand more. But home kit support has been lacking and I have to use a bunch of hubs and IFTTT in order to have all this work together.

HomeKit was suppose to be the unifier of the home automation but so far is way behind. Devices makers are even abandoning supportfor it. I have to thanks Amazon for the Echo as it had been the great unifier so far but I really think Apple needs to take charge of the home and HomeKit before is to late.

But what I really want to see is real END to END iCloud encryption. So that Apple no longer have description keys to users data.

Apple has made great advances on devices security but with most user backing up to iCloud and using iCloud sync they are still exposing their data to hackers and power hungry governments. I really hope to see Apple address this critical vulnerability on the Apple ecosystem.

With the troves of data been backed up to iCloud it’s no longer wise for them to hold decryption keys and it’s actually a huge liability for them. I believe is no longer an option but a necessity for Apple to implement this.