Apple Where Is The 7th Generation Airport Extreme?

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4th Generation Apple Airport Extreme Released on October 2009

4th Generation Apple Airport Extreme Released on October 2009

Apple is starting to scare me. I have been waiting for this Mac Event all year.
And not because I am on the market for a new Macbook Pro but because I had
high hopes that Apple will announce the 7th Generation Airport Extreme at this event.

I am still running on a 4th Generation and while is a relic it also shows how good the Apple Airport Extremes are. I bought mine in October 2009 and it has been running 24/7 for 7 years with no issues.

I still remember the days of constantly rebooting my DLinks and Linksys router and don't plan on going back to a sub-par networking experience.

That been said the last time Apple refreshed the Airport Extreme was in 2013 and it
has never gone this long without a refresh and with today's virtually announcing an exit of the display market it scares me to think that they also exited the networking market andwill not release anymore Airport Extreme.

I will try to hold on making a network upgrade for a couple more months but if it become
certain that Apple do not plan in releasing a 7th gen I will need to look into a viable alternative.

So far I only have three possible candidates.

I really want a 7th Generation Airport Extreme but I am really doubting it will
happen and that is a big disappointment because they are the most reliable routers
in the market.

Let see what happens.