Get The Most Money For Your Old iPhone When Trading In

AppleOmar MoralesComment

It’s that time of the year again when we are looking to get rid of our old iPhones so when can justify getting a new one.

One of the easiest way to recoup some of our money back in an fats & easy way is to trade in or iPhones.

Many services like Gazelle, Swappa and even retailers like Apple, Walmart, Amazon and Best Buy have their own trade in programs.

In most cases you get a credit to use on those retailers or a gift card of your choice.

Now I will say this most of them offer a bad deal. They just don’t pay much and that kiosk you see at the mall it’s just highway robbery.

But who pays the most, where can I you get a fair amount? 

On Amazon by a long shot. You will not get cash you will get an Amazon Gift card to buy whatever you want on the website and the balance never expires.

So how do you trade your old device?

Go to Amazon Trade In select the iPhone you will like to trade in. Then click the yellow trade-in button.

From there simply confirm your device condition accept the quoted offer and they will email you a prepaid label. Print it and drop it off. About a week later you will receive the gift card and thats it.


I always use Amazon for the train they just make it simple and pay the most.