Strong Demand Forces Apple To Limit Watch Orders To 2 And Online Only

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Apple Watch Orders Will Be Limited To Online Only


Angela Ahrendts confirmed on a statement that the Apple Watch orders will be only available online due to the expected high demand.

“ We are excited to welcome customers tomorrow and introduce them to Apple Watch, our most personal device yet. Based on the tremendous interest from people visiting our stores, as well as the number of customers who have gone to the Apple Online Store to mark their favorite Apple Watch ahead of availability, we expect that strong customer demand will exceed our supply at launch. To provide the best experience and selection to as many customers as we can, we will be taking orders for Apple Watch exclusively online during the initial launch period.”

While the ordering process will be limited to the online Apple Store for now customer can still go to any Brick & Mortar Apple Store to see and even try the Watch.”

Limit two per customer

Tim Cook on an email replay stated that the Apple Watch sales will be limited to just two per customer due to the after-mentioned expected high demand.

“ A number of units will be delivered on the 24th but it is unlikely every unit ordered tomorrow will be delivered on the 24th. This depends on how many units are ordered for a specific SKU compared to the supply we have of that specific SKU. This isn’t different from other new products. Sometimes demand exceed supply for a period of time. I can assure you we are working around the clock to get as many units to customers as fast as possible.

There will be an order limit of 2.

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Everything seems to be going well for The Apple Watch at least for the launch. I really expect the Watch to be successful and I will be up today at 3am pre-ordering mine.

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