Uber Need To Remove Drivers Ability To Rate Riders And Avoid Tipping Extortion

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Ashu Shah/Flick

Ashu Shah/Flick

I see a lot of people complaining that Uber do not provide an option to tip it’s drivers and drivers are demanding tips in cash from riders even when most riders don’t even carry cash and use Uber in the first place in order to avoid dealing with cabbies doing the same.

But why people complain about the lack of a tipping option instead of the lame and antiquated tipping entitled society we have created.

It seems that everyone is always begging for tips. Uber drivers, cabbies, baristas, waitresses, store clerks, gas station workers, valet drivers, mechanics, tow truck drivers, delivery guys etc. This is so ridiculous employers should pay it’s employees a decent wage and employees need to stop lowering themselves to begging for tips.

But back to Uber.

Drivers aren’t doing you any favor by taking you from point A to point B you are paying a fare and they get to keep 80% of it.

But in top of that the want more on the side and they are not asking they are demanding it.

Just to be clear what piss me off is not people getting tips but they demanding it. Some Uber drivers are even saying they will leave a low rating for non tipping riders. WTF a rider just put money in your pocket but you still will leave a negative review if they don’t tip. Really?

I believe the solution to this is for Uber to take one from eBay’s playbook and remove the option for drivers to leave feedback on riders. Before eBay removed the option for sellers to leave negative reviews you would see sellers extorting positive reviews from buyers even when they provided a crappy service.

If Uber remove the option for drivers to leave feedback for riders it will preserve its convenience but otherwise it will look like any other cabbie business with crappy drivers.