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I Now Really Want Autonomous Self Driving Cars... Mandated

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Steve Jurvetson Wikemedia

Steve Jurvetson Wikemedia

I have change my views on self driving autonomous cars.

Let me explain why?

A few years ago I wasn't against the idea of autonomous vehicles (AVs) but I was pretty sure that when they become ubiquitous the government will track drivers every move and find even more ways to tax them. And while I still have this concerns I believe the status quo is even worst.

I was against this idea because like the majority of Americans I love driving is something I enjoy. I like the freedom of going anywhere I want whenever I want and with the relative expectation of not been tracked.

So why have I change my mind?

Their are two main reasons. One we are already been tracked anywhere we go via our phones, toll transponders and license plate readers. So my fears have already materialized so we can move to reason number two.

And reason number two it's pretty simple. Their is a lot of dumb irresponsible people on the roads.

You know the ones I mean.

Those that will run a red light or stop sign, the tailgaters, the speeders, the dangerously slow ones, the ones texting and facebooking behind the wheel and even watching Youtube, the bad tempered, the drunks, the cabbies and all the plain stupids doing dumb stuff while driving.

So I came to the conclusion that it will be best if cities and states mandated that on city roads and highways human drivers will be required to surrender control to the autonomous vehicles on-board computers and ban human driving altogether.

The amount of people hurt and killed each year on the road is extremely high and it proof that a huge majority of humans aren't capable of driving responsibly and shouldn't be allow to.

Last year alone over 38,000 deaths and 4.4 million injuries were reported and all of them were caused by humans.

Computers while not perfect are very good at following commands and rules so I am pretty sure the amount of death, injuries and damages caused by human drivers will be significantly reduced. AVs can communicate between them will not get distracted with the day to day stuff and will liberate humans to do whatever they want while going from point to point.

What do you think?