$80 For An iPhone Car Charger? Belkin is Smoking Crack

OpinionOmar MoralesComment

I am not a fan of Belkin products at all as they are not very reliable.

So when I heard they were selling a car charger for $80 I almost fell from my chair.

Getting something utilitarian and refine it to be more luxurious can work and had worked for many items from coolers (Yeti Premium Cooler) to thermostats. But in those cases both items offer added value not so with the simple Belkin charger.

But getting a simple car charger making it in $1 worth of aluminum trowing in a small magnet and sync cable and trying to pass it as the ultimate in luxury is just ridiculous. Plus the balls to charge $80 for it WTF.

The only explanation is that more than one at Belkin are smoking crack or something this make no sense at all.