My Apple Watch Series 5 or 6 Wishlist #applewatch

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I love my Watch I love watches in general. I had worn watches daily since I was 8-9 years old. I had always preferred analog watches to digitals and worn them almost exclusively.

This is because I like to just stare at an interesting watch-face and see the movement of the dials.

My only analog trend ended in 2015 when I got my first Apple Watch the original Series 0. And a watch I still own and will keep no matter what.

I had since upgraded to a Series 3 last year and my current Series 4. In short, I had used an Apple Watch almost daily since 2015 and is hard for me not to use it. I am just addicted to all the data I gather daily and how convenient the notifications are. I haven’t taken my iPhone from silent since 2015 I don’t even know how it sounds anymore lol.

Bulova Moon Lunar Pilot

Bulova Moon Lunar Pilot

And in case anyone is curious how I managed to ditch analogs so easily, well the truth is I didn’t. I still wear analog watches regularly this week I am rocking my Bulova Lunar Pilot Special Edition and I love it. But I still wear my Apple Watch.

Wearing two watches at the same time?

Well yeah, that's what I do but I only wear both on each wrist when I have a long sleeve so that the Apple Watch will be concealed but when I am wearing shorts sleeves I will still wear the Apple Watch on an armband by TwelveSouth.

I know this may sound extreme for some but I just like the beauty and simplicity of analog watches and the data and health benefits of the Apple Watch.

What I want from my next Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has some interesting faces my favorite being the Simple, Infograph and Infograph Modular. But the issue I have is not been able to just stare at them and that brings me to my main wished item.

I want an always-on screen. I don’t want the need to tap the screen or raise my arm in order to appreciate the watch faces. And if an always-on screen isn’t possible on the next version what about a longer stay on time something longer than the current 60 seconds 5 minutes as the minimum will be acceptable to me.

That request bring us to wish item number two. I want more battery.The battery on the current Series 4 is acceptable lasting me almost 2 days on a charge but 5-7 days will be even sweeter. But I will be fine with the current 2 days as a compromise for an always-on face.

Talking about watch faces I will love to have more options preferably premium versions. I am not asking Apple to open watch faces designs and sales to anyone but at least offer a selection of curated premium faces available to purchase. This will allow for more individuality and personalization. In short I want more watch face.

And finally I want more health data to be gathered automatically. Let’s start with sleep tracking and maybe glucose levels tracking. In short, I want even more data.

So there it is my wish list is very straightforward.

  • Always on screen
  • Longer battery
  • Premium watch faces
  • More health data

And now let’s just wait until next year and see what we get.