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Spotify & Other Whining To The European Union About Apple #music

AppleOmar MoralesComment

Spotify is ones again bitching at the European Union against Apple. Spotify, Deezer and others music and app developers are whining that they have pay Apple between 15% and 30% for sales or subscriptions generated through the Apple App Store.

Their excuse is that while they have to pay Apple for Apple providing them with access to hundreds of millions of its customers Apple does not have to incur this 15%-30% commission on it. This they all claim is unfair to them and they want the EU to force Apple to level the playing field.

And this is plain old bull S#@$

So according to the Spotify clan is unfair for Apple to have the same benefits as them and not pay itself the commission or not eliminate the commission for its competitors, not a level playing field they claim.

Well, why didn’t Spotify spent billions developing its own App Store, Phone, and cloud infrastructure why didn’t Spotify invest even more promoting and acquiring customers? See they want all the benefits of what Apple built but none of the cost.

You know who isn’t bitching like Spotify and actually competing fair and square? Amazon with its Amazon Unlimited service. Why? Because like Apple Amazon built a business from the ground up and know what actually competing is.

So ditch those crybabies at Spotify and Deezer and join Apple Music or Amazon Music Unlimed.