Apple could drop the iPhone Numbering & S naming for iPhone & iPhone Pro

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Three New iPhones For 2017

The rumor mill is ablaze with rumors flying all over the place that Apple will introduce three new iPhones this year.

The iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus, and a new high-end model unofficially named iPhone Pro (or iPhone X)

Does This Naming Convention Make Sense?

Short answer. NO

Already the numbering and S naming scheme is a bit long in the tooth. Especially when there is very little change from on generation to the other (iPhone 6S to 7)

And with a third model been added to the lineup, it will make even less sense to keep with the numbering scheme.

If Apple indeed introduces a new high-end iPhone Pro that supposedly will start at over $1000 then it will give Apple the perfect opportunity to drop the numbering scheme.

What Names Could Apple Use For The New iPhones Then?

Simple. If they are in fact introducing a new Pro version they could call the new models just iPhone and call the new version iPhone Pro.

They did the same for the iPad 4. Instead of calling it iPad 4 Apple just call it the new iPad. And the current up to date lineup of iPads are been called iPads Pro. I won't be surprised if the Air just become the iPad.

Calling it just iPhone and iPhone Pro will be on par with the Macbook line and probably the new batch of iPads as well.

I believe the iPhone is mature enough to hold on it's on incremental upgrades without the big number changing every two years.

What are the chances of this happening?

We will find out in a couple of months.