I Hate Youtube Extremely Loud Commercials

OpinionOmar MoralesComment

I haven’t paid for cable since 2010 and I haven’t missed it at all. I consider myself a cord cutter pioneer.

But when I used to have cable something that really ticked me off was the overly loud tv commercials. I hated them so bad thatI actually complained to the FCC on multiple occasions and then just got a Tivo (I loved my Tivos) so I could skip every single commercial just to avoid the loud ones.

Like I said I don’t watch cable anymore but Youtube is one of my go to streaming services and I really like it.

Except for the overly loud commercials. See I don’t hate commercials at all a lot of them actually are funny, interesting or just mundane in short I don’t mind watching them.

But when I am watching something at a reasonable volume and the commercial is about twice as loud that really, really piss me off and I think Youtube really need to apply and enforce some guidelines on this issue.

And advertisers you are not engaging viewers with these tactics you are just antagonizing them.