Persistence Is The Best iOS Goal Tracking App So Far

Apps, iPhoneOmar MoralesComment

I have been looking for a good goal tracker app for iPhone for a while. 

While there are a lot of good one on the app store most of the are intended to help you build consistency by marking done and not done task.

On the other hand I like to see numbers, percentages on track and of track data not just green and red mark on a calendar.

For a while I was happy with Strides Goal Tracker. It was good but the UI and confusing setup was a let down and then they when to a weird online signup model and I just left.

Well I finally found a good replacement and is called Persistence. 

The app has all I want. It give me all the data I need at a glance, inputing data is a snap and the UI is easy to figure out. Better yer there is no crazy sing up process.

The only downside I see is that the app is iPhone only not Universal and there is no sync function. The app goes for $1.99 and if the developers can add native iPad support and iCloud or Dropbox sync the app is a solid winner.

If you are looking for a solid goal tracking app try Persistence it is worth the $2. Download