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No More TurboTax For Me - The $4000 Turbotax Mistake

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I have been using Intuit's TurboTax since 2008 before that I was a TaxAct user. 

I have been getting frustrated with TurboTax for sometime now but I just had enough. 

I usually have a roughy idea of how much my taxes will be so when TurboTax said I owned $3908 more than what I had estimated I knew something was wrong. 

I when over and over the taxes and couldn't find any reason for such a discrepancy. 

So I when for a second and third opinion. First I when back to TaxAct. After 8 years since my last use it was as straightforward as 8 years ago. 

TaxAct put me just $409 over my estimated. 

So who’s wrong TurboTax claiming I own almost $4000 more ($9000 total) or TaxAct saying I only own $400 over my $5000 estimate. 

To figure this out I went to H&R Block for the first time since 2004. And they mostly agreed with TaxAct putting my final tax bill at $5477.00 

I can deal with the multiple software bugs on TurboTax but when they may had cost me almost $4000 it's time to switch. 

Next year I will probably use TaxAct or anyone else but TurboTax.