Netflix Password Sharing It's For Cheapsters

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Awesome Value

The above video from Buzzfeed is so depressing.

I have been a paying Netflix subscribers since 2000 starting with dvds by mail to only streaming at the moment.

The reason I have stick with Netflix for almost 16 years it's simple. Value. See Netflix not only provide a good amount of content but is also very affordable.

Compared with cable Netflix is a mega steal and a hell of a better deal.

And The Cheapsters Comes To Ruin It

Netflix content do not come cheap as either Netflix pays a lot to license content or they pay a lot to produce content.

So when this Cheapsters comes together to share their passwords it only ruins it for actual paying customers.

Not only are they not paying for the service but they cost money as-well since each stream cost Netflix either a per stream fee or a stream quota.

That added cost with no added revenue only means higher prices ahead for actual paying customers or less content for all.

I Don't Get It. It's Freaking Cheap

Hey cheap people Netflix is only $10 thats not going to break the bank or make you homeless. Don't be so cheap pay for your own account is not a big deal. Grow up. I bet you can afford those $10. And if you can't well there are a lot of free options that are pretty good like Youtube and Hulu. 

Netflix Cheapsters YOU ARE THE WORST

Silly rant I know but thats how I feel.