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Get a Free Photobook of your Instagrams

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Sample Chatbooks 

Sample Chatbooks 

The Chatbook Instagram Serie

I have been using Chatbook for around a year and I love it. While Chatbook will print high-quality books from your smartphone photos or other services the Instagram series is a pretty neat one I use all the time.

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You don’t have to subscribe to Chatbook to get nice books printed on demand but if you subscribe to the Instagram series you will get a new photobook every time you have shared 60 pictures. The nice thing is it only cost $5 per book.

And an even better deal is this one. Using this link you can try Chatbook for free. That right, get a free book and see for yourself how nice they are.

Or visit and enter promo code “ omarmorales1nf “

Amazon Releases It’s Most Ambitious Echo Yet: Echo Show (Save $100)

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Amazon Reveals New Echo Show An Echo With A Display

Today Amazon announced a new member to the Echo family of personal assistance and this is definitely the Echo to get. It has all the features of the original Echo but it adds a 7” touch-screen and a camera.

The addition of the camera and screen allows you to watch videos, make and receive video or audio calls for free, watch security cameras, it will display the news, the weather and so much more.


Dolby Audio

Premium Sound

And it has great audio too.

Powered by Dolby, Echo Show is fine-tuned to deliver crisp vocals with dynamic bass response and expansive sound. Watch as the display comes alive to show song lyrics, custom stations, curated playlists, and album art with Amazon Music. Listen to tens of millions of songs with Amazon Music Unlimited

Like I mentioned before you can make and receive video calls from anyone using the Echo app on their smartphone or another Echo Show and all the calls are free of charge.

Should You Get This?

If you are looking at the current high-end Echo at $179 I will say yes spend the extra $50 and get this one as it’s more powerful and offers more value.

Save $100 With This Code

The Echo Show will retail for $229 and comes in black and white. But you can save $100 when you order two with code SHOW2PACKthis is a limited time offer so if you want to take advantage of it order ASAP.