Almost $6,000 on Subscriptions Is Way To Much

omarcastOmar MoralesComment
Monthly and annual subscriptions really add up.  

Monthly and annual subscriptions really add up.  

So I was going to sign up for a subscription of the notes app Bear when I decided to calculate how much I spend on subscriptions each year.

Like most subscriptions the Bear app isn't overly expensive costing just $1.49 a month or $14.99 a year.

But when you add up all those small subscriptions you can see the huge picture of how much we are spending each year.

My grand total for 2016 $5695.19

And while some of this subscriptions are a necessity like web hosting (AWS), accounting, productivity and cloud storage among them.

But a lot of them we can safely cancel. Some are no longer used, don't offer much value, a better cheaper alternative is available or we could just downgrade a tier to a cheaper plan.

So I strongly recommend that you analyze all of your subscriptions and find cancel those no longer needed.

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