The Best Rechargeable Batteries Are Simply This Two Brands

blogOmar MoralesComment

The best rechargeable batteries are the Panasonic Eneloop (get them here). Without doubt this are the absolute best. They come pre-charge and are the standard for rechargeable batteries.

If you are looking for the absolute best this are the ones to get. Now whats the difference between the regular (whites) and the Pros (blacks)? 

Well the Pros have a higher charge capacity and last longer. But the regulars have a longer life. So in short the blacks provide the longest charge and the whites the longest life. Either-way both are a great choice.

But are any other brands worth buying? No but yes. How so?

The reason I first said no is because the Panasonic Eneloop are just the best and there is no reason to go with another brand unless that brand are just rebranded Panasonic Eneloops.

And here comes the yes.


Amazon has a line of batteries under it’s AmazonBasics brand. The AmazonBasic rechargeable batteries (find them here) are very good and are priced cheaper than the Panasonics. And the reason they are very goods is because they are just rebranded Eneloops.

So why buy the Eneloops if the AmazonBasics are the same? Well they are Eneloops but not the same. The AmazonBasics are the previous generation of Eneloop that had a bit shorter life and a bit less charge. But I find them an excellent deal for the price.

In short buy current generation Eneloop or Previous generation Eneloop under the AmazonBasics brand. All other rechargeable are just not worth it.