Atomos Shinobi External 4K HDR Monitor (4k 60p) #xt3 #fujifilmxt3

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Atomos Shinobi 4K 60P HDMI Cables Sony Batteries for Shinobi Feelworld F5 Monitor Fujifilm XT3

Hello everyone Omar here. Today I will be doing a quick overview of the Atomos Shinobi 4k External Monitor

If you have been eying an external monitor for your camera you may have considered the Smallfocus HD or a Feelworld one. You may have even looked at the Atomos Ninja V but since you didn’t wanted or needed the recording function it was hard to justify the price.

Well Atamos has released it’s new product the Atomos Shinobi and it features the same great 4k display and functionality but takes away the external recording function. In the box you will get the display itself a charger with a bunch of outlets adapter and that’s pretty much it.

You can use it with Sony batteries but they aren’t included. I will link to them on the description below. You also don’t get any HDMI cable to connect to the camera. Atomos sells it own but that one its $50 and in my opinion thats a total ripoff. Why? because for just $8 I get not one but two AmazonBasic ones that works just as good. I will leave a link to them on the description below.

To be extra clear this will not record any footage to the device all the recording it’s done in-camera. The display has an SD card slot but this is just for updates and installing LUTS into the device.

Besides the SD car slot you also get a single HDMI port and a headphone jack.

The Shinobi is made of high quality plastic making it very lightweight but if you want extra security in case you drop it I will recommend a SmallRig cage.

The display has a 1000 nits of brightness and HDR. Perfect for viewing it outside.

The Shinobi is pack of features some of them been Focus Peaking, ,Zoom, Zebra, False Color, Frame Guides, Waveform, RGB parade, vectorscope, a new multi-view ‘Analysis’ view and realtime LUTs preview.

Now what about 4k 60p?

The tech specs say the display will take up to a 4k 30p signal and while that seem to indicate the display will be useless for someone shooting at 4k 60p the true is that depending on your camera you can still use this display while shooting at 4k in 60p.

Most cameras offer the option of shooting at 4k 60p but displaying a 1080p signal on an external display. Thats the case with my Fujifilm XT3 while the camera is recording at 4k 60p I am able to use the display at 1080p.

So its the Shinobi worth its $399 price tag? Specially when Feelworld offer a similar 5in display that comes with a cable and mount? Well it depends. If you want superior screen and build quality with tons of features and excellent customer support then the Atomos Shinobi is a no brainer. If you just want a basic but good display for youtube or vlogging maybe the $158 Feelworld is a better value.

Are you planning in getting a Shinobi let me know in the comments thanks for watching.

After 12 Years Of Owning Toyota’s The Lack Of Apple CarPlay Made Me Buy A Hyundai #carplay

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Toyota Resistance To Apple Carplay

I have owned four Toyota Camry’s since 2005 and I have been more than pleased with them. I am not a car guy I just want a car that is reliable and comfortable and if I can get a bit of styling even if a bland one well that's an extra.

The Camry meet all of those but I have been more than disappointed at Toyota’s lack of support for Carplay.

I was eager awaiting the unveiling of the new 2018 Camry redesign and hoping Entune 3.0 will bring the Carplay support I so much cherished.

The Toyota unveiled the Camry and the car looks amazing (at least for a Camry guy like me) but once again Toyota gave Carplay and Android Auto the thumbs down.

Entune 3.0 looks like a big step forward from 2.0 but at least for me the lack of Carplay was a deal breaker this time around.

Enter Hyundai

So there are a couple of car models that supports Apple Carplays but obviously, the two closest competitors to the Camry are the Honda Accord & Hyundai Sonata. So I decided to give both of them a test drive and finally settle on the Sonata.



Let’s face it car manufacturers aren’t very good at infotainment for them is an afterthought. That's where Carplay and Android Auto come to the rescue bringing a familiar and intuitive interface that make interacting with the in-car entertainment so much enjoyable and intuitive. So I will give the Sonata a try and see if after a couple of years Toyota get with the times and integrate Carplay. I may switch back to a Camry then or maybe not if the Sonata is as reliable as my Camry they may have lost a customer for good.

I Backed & You Should Too

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I Backed & You Should Too

I Made A Pledge

I just backed a new microblogging project by Manton Reece on Kickstarter.


I believe in microblogging and I specially believe we should own our content and not be at the mercy of platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Medium. MySpace (lol), Tumblr, etc.

What’s will be a new social platform that will let you use markdown to microblog but at the same time is based on RSS so you can host your own content on your on site at the same time.

Let the expert explain it

To learn more about the project visit or the project page at Kickstarter found Here